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    Well-known Dealer founded in 2012 is the distributor of Wayon Electronics Co., Ltd. who is one of global core providers of electronic circuit protection solutions.

    The main products consist of PPTC, CPTC and Chip Fuse for over-current protection; TVS, Thyristor and ESD for over-voltage protection; Thermal Fuse, for over-temperature protection; and BMS,MOSFET, Protection IC, SCF etc. 

    The product application covers telecommunications, rechargeable batteries, IT equipment, automotive Small Power Motor and Automotive Electronics , industrial equipment and consumer electronics.

    Suzhou Well-known Dealer Electronics Co., Ltd    Phone:+86 13584883575    Address:Room 611,B Building,No.588 Binhe Road,New District,Suzhou
    工信部备案号:苏ICP备15039642号-1    Tech Support: Sunny Network Technology Co.,Ltd